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Sadhana Day Four: forward bends, take two


Sunrise at Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming – not as steep a climb as getting up some mornings

One thing I wanted to accomplish during this sadhana was to reconnect with the joy of early morning practice – and joy it is.

For one thing, the nagging little voice that says: “It’s time for practice, better start now, let’s get going, when do we start?” and on, and on, ad infinitum, is quiet.

By 9 a.m., when I’ve said goodbye to the Sadhanistas, done my inversions and rested in Savasana, my practice is done. Anything more I might do in the day is gravy.

But it’s not just that. There’s something special about practice in the morning, a particular lightness and clarity. And despite the early rising, it seems to add energy to the day, not subtract it.

“I get a real burst of energy when the practice is over,” Joanne said on her way out the door. “I find I have to hold myself back a bit when I get to work, so as not be too obnoxious.”

And on day four, now that my anxiety over sleeping in – and leaving 17 people at the door, waiting for me – has subsided, I’d say yes, I’m back in touch with the delight of the morning.

The second round of forward bends practice unfolded much as the first one did. Once more we ran out of time before we could do Marichyiasana I.

Well, there’s one more forward bend practice to go. Maybe next time.

Photo courtesy of backpackphotography on Flickr Creative Commons.