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Shirley Temple, the pelvis, Warrior I in Natural Posture and more

Things have happened on the Spinefulness.ca blog since the last time I wrote.

I’ve started posting twice a week. On Tuesdays it’s some posture-related idea, image or video that caught my eye. On Thursdays, it’s a more substantial piece about Spinefulness and Spineful yoga.

But, because I still haven’t managed to merge my mailing list, those of you who live in Vancouver and subscribe to the spinefulness.ca list were getting duplicates. I know how annoying that can be, so I didn’t send to both lists.

The merge will happen soon, I swear.

In the meantime, here’s what I’ve posted recently, in case you missed it.

How Spinefulness changed my Warrior I from fierce to friendly

What I learned the first time I held a pelvis in my hands

Annals of Admirable Posture: Baseball Edition

Why Watch Shirley Temple Movies?

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