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Serenity now? Let’s hope so.

serenity on the beach

I imagine my mind will look like this while I'm posting bi-weekly for the next few months.

This is just to let you know that there is no post this week if you don’t count this one, which doesn’t count, because it’s a post about not posting.

I’ve decided to temporarily slow down the publishing schedule at Five-Minute Yoga to once every two weeks.

Right now there are a lot of other things I’d like to do both in this blog and outside it, and it turns out that writing a post every week makes it hard to get them done.

Some of them are little things, like replacing the Facebook box that mysteriously disappeared off the page during the last WordPress update.

None of them is big in itself, but when you get a dozen or more of them, they add up.

And in the realm of larger-scale projects, I’d like to make My Five-Minute Yoga Practice available to people who don’t have Apple devices, with luck by the end of April.

Getting the app translated into Android  is too complicated and time consuming.

What I can do is take the previous version, on which the app is based, add the new segments, and update some of the photos. Then it can be available again as a .pdf download. The words and pictures can be viewed on any computer, and the mp3 files can be played on any sound device.

So see you next week, when there will be a post.

In the meantime, I’ll still be playing around on Facebook, so if you’d like more than bi-weekly contact, please follow this link to like the page.

Photo courtesy of Robert Howie, via Flickr.