August 1, 2012


You’ve just arrived at the Five-Minute Yoga blog, a place where you can learn to build a home yoga practice, five minutes at a time.

Check out the video. It’s only two minutes long, and I guarantee it will make you smile – and maybe even feel inspired.

(Curious to know who Shirley is?)

Then have a look around. There’s lots to see.

The Free Stuff:

Start here if you want to work on stiff shoulders.   If you’re looking for yoga to loosen tight hips, you have lots to choose from. Is it short hamstrings that limit your practice?  You’ll find several five-minute yoga practices that can help. And if you’d like to see every Five-Minute Yoga Challenge so far, dive in.

Perhaps you’re curious about how to build a yoga practice, the psychology of practice, or yoga philosophy. 

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Five-Minute Yoga Products:

Would you like to be talked through your yoga practice, with detailed instructions that tell you not just how to get into the pose, but what to do while you hold it? Here are two options:

My Five-Minute Yoga Practice Download:

I’ll talk you through 11 five-minute yoga segments, to wake you up in the morning, calm you down at night, and stretch out your shoulders, hips and hamstrings any time you like. Along with the mp3 files, there’s a pdf with detailed photos and written instructions for each segment. Decide on one practice, find a time to plug it into your day, then practice until it’s a habit. When you’re ready for longer practices, you’ll find suggested sequences for morning, afternoon and evening.

You can play the Five-Minute Yoga sequences on your computer, or install the mp3 files on your music player. Take your shoulder stretches to work, or your whole practice on a business trip.

It costs $9.95, plus tax, if you’re in Canada. If you’d like to try it out, click on the modest little Add to Cart button below:

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